Give your employees a flexible workday - without losing control

With ONwork, we gather the tools your business needs in one common business platform. This gives your employees a flexible working day,  while the management ensures control and overview.

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ONwork brings together the tools you need on one common platform

When your employees have the tools they need to succeed, and these tools work seamlessly together, it's a win-win situation. Not only will your employees be more productive,  you will be confident that all the tools they use are supported and make sure all the information you need is available at all time. ONwork gives full control to the management and full flexibility for your employees.

Benefits of using ONwork as a business platform

Seamless workflow

Your entire business will be able to interact, communicate and share in a simpler way because all the tools you use are brought together on one common platform. ONwork combines as many features as possible into a single user experience.


It is not always necessary to use new tools. ONwork stitches together the tools you already use in a way that works for you. Our solution moves data between systems as CRM, email and various task management tools.

Save time, increase productivity

When the business tools are linked to ONwork, you switch seamlessly between the different systems, you get quick access to information and avoid manual duplication. This is done in a way that works for all employees across functions in the business.

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Interact in a way that works both for your employees and the business.

Businesses often work on many different platforms, several of which are used to provide business structure and control for the management. The consequence for the employees is that they have to learn how to use many systems and keep track of several passwords. In addition, this can involve a lot of manual handling where data has to be moved between different systems, with the risk of important information "disappearing".

For us, it is important to understand everyone's needs. Employees must be able to collaborate and exchange knowledge in a good way, work outside the office and safely share and store files. The tools they use must be useful and not hinder them in this work while maintaining good control and structure. This is what we solve with ONwork.

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