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Easier to work smart.

ONwork merges all the tools the company uses into one simple platform. The employees get full flexibility, while the management maintains full control.

ONwork adds a layer of control to Teams and is almost invisible. Almost like a ninja!

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ONwork gathers everything in one place for you. Stop looking - get an overview, we will take care of the rest!

When files and information are stored in several places, it is easy to lose track. That's why we create Teams rooms automatically with the tools and templates needed for your work tasks to flow as efficiently as possible.

Don't you also have more important things to spend your time on than searching for information?

Benefits of using ONwork

Easy to work

ONwork sews together the tools you already use and allows you to easily jump between them. We give you clever shortcuts so you can work smart and efficiently.

Easy to find

Most of us spend too much time looking for important information in cluttered folders and old emails. We make it easy to navigate a hectic everyday life.

Easy to share

Effective communication requires smart solutions. With information stored in the right place, it is easy to share with colleagues, customers or suppliers.

Full control

The structure of ONwork allows employees to work flexibly, while management always has the latest status and control so that no important tasks are forgotten.

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